World Tea Chockriti 16 piece Bon Bons
  • World Tea Chockriti 16 piece Bon Bons

    Gourmet Luxury 16 piece Bon Bon Box with World Teas

    These gourmet luxury Bon Bons are brewed with fine world teas in 55% Belgian chocolate-


    Blue Moroccon Mint, Gold Earl Grey, White Jasmine green Tea, Copper Masala Chai, Lavender, Chamomile, African Rooibos Tea, Hibiscus Rose, Cinnamon Apple Tea (will have four of any of these as per day)


    All bon bon fillings are brewed with whole teas, flowers, spices, herbs and fruits in heavy UHT cream and blended in fine Belgian chocolate.


    No compound chocolate, vegetable oil, trans-fat, corn syrup, invertase, egg, butter or artificial flavors. Each bon bon is about 50 calories. These are 100% handmade in small batches,


    You may email at for inquires.



    Refrigerate in an air and moisture tight container. A white film can sometimes appear due to temperature changes however please note the chocolate is good to eat with no effect on quality.

    Best before six months of manufacturing date.